The combination of Marce's knowledge, experience, and intuition work together in a way I haven't seen before.  My horse responds to her like an old friend when she comes into the stall, and the work she does leaves him in such a peaceful place.  ~ Amy Barnard - Dressage competitor

Had Marce out to work on my school horse, Dylan recently.  Had some reservations about hiring equine body workers and had mostly been using traditional medicines to deal with soreness issues but decide to try an alternative method...Marce's thorough method of massage worked out some soreness issues Dylan had in his back and haunches and he appeared much more relaxed and less tense almost immediately!  I have now happily incorporated her services into my program!!  Thank you,  Marce  ~ Lorna Duff - Owner/Trainer, Starwood Riding Club

I have had Marce work on a few of my horses with issues.  One was bitten by a spider and came back to work at a much faster rate than expected.  I definitely think it had a lot to do with the body work.  I had another horse that came to me a bit sore and uptight.  With the work that has been done on this horse, he is now stretching down and moving forward; ready to win the hacks.  All thanks to Marce! ~ Stephanie Griffith, Trainer