Proper saddle fit is extremely important to the well being of your horse and to the longevity of his career. 

By recognizing the warning signs that can arise from a poorly fitting saddle you will better be able to prevent an issue before it becomes debilitating or irreversible.

Common signs of an ill-fitting saddle:

*Soft blisters or hard painless lumps

*White hairs which indicate the blood circulation has been cut off due to pressure

*Saddle sores and girth galls – dry spots

*Horse has choppy stride, hollow backed and resistant

*Horse is uncomfortable and unwilling to go downhill, jump or make transitions

*Shows signs of disliking the saddle i.e. ears back, tail twisting, biting and kicking

*Refuses to stand while being mounted- inability to bend – unable to travel straight

*Carries tail off to one side_ higher than normal head carriage

*Refuses to pick up hind feet for shoeing

*Changes in the horse’s attitude that leads to… refusals, bucking, unruliness, or even becoming dangerous to ride